Ruben Garcia is an expert tattoo specialist. Specializing in American Traditional Electric Tattooing. His mission and mindset is to make tattoos designed and built with integrity to hold up for the better part of your life. Tattoos engineered with bold lines, bright colors, and timeless designs, guaranteed to age as gracefully as you do.

Born and raised in East Fresno, California. He has been drawing and painting since the 4th grade. From drawing girls' names on sheets of paper for them to stick in their binders, to airbrushing cartoon characters and names on jeans and Tshirts for a little change, and everything in between. In early adulthood he joined a church to escape the barrio, and quite a while later learned that was not the life for him either. So he traded in his career in ministry for a Tattoo Machine. Which eventually got him out of Fresno, when he moved his pregnant wife and child to the San Francisco Bay Area. Where he worked in the lively Mission District, and the historic Haight Street in San Francisco. After a few guest spots in beautiful Portland OR, he decided it was time to ease on down that road. Nonetheless on the cusp of a budding National and Global Pandemic. During a crazy time, he waits and prepares. Drawing, painting, and working on business type shit, looks forward to meeting great new people to tattoo. With that being said. Stay Healthy. Stay safe. And We’ll see you on the other side.